Coffee – The Next Meal Replacment Shake?

My Meal Replacement ShakeStatistically America Is Coming To The Table For Coffee

According to Harvard 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day!  Check out the statistics HERE.

I think the problem I have with these statistics are two fold.

…One, The “average” cup of espresso type of coffee seems to run about $2.45 which, in my opinion, is expensive for hot water and crushed bean…..

…Two, the sugary coffee with high calorie count seem to be on the rise.

Don’t get me wrong, I indulge myself, on occasions, but my 16oz “White Chocolate Mocha” runs in the neighborhood of 450 calories and cost about $6 or more depending on where I buy them.

Can you imagine drinking one of these each day?  There are people out there that drink 2 or more and at 450 calories per cup you don’t have to be a nutritionist to know how bad this is for your weight not to mention your pocketbook.

Alternatively, there are now Meal Replacement Shakes available that can satisfy your craving for the coffee flavor coffee lovers crave yet keep you on the good side of the scale!

One in particular is not only healthy but has the ability to completely change your physique just by introducing it into your nutrition plan coupled with some light exercises.

Café Latte Healthy Shake To The RescueMy Meal Replacement Shake

The Shake I refer to is, of course, the new Shakeology Café Latte flavor shake by Beachbody.

This cup of healthy nutrients and super foods brings the flavor you need and replaces one of your daily meals.

There is even better news in that this new flavor is available in both regular and vegan.  The difference being the protein base of each formula.

The benefit of switching to a Café Latte Shakeology (140 calories per serving) can be measured in many ways.  Let’s take a look at it from a health perspective.

Since this shake has the same Glycemic index of that of an apple it is already better for you than the sugar coffee so many are addicted to.

With over 70 healthy and helpful ingredients, 41 are considered as superfoods!  You can even call it a protein meal replacement shake.

Something to keep in mind as you drink your next coffee from your local corner coffee store.

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Here Is What I’m Not Saying…

To give up your coffee!  Far be it from me to say “shame on you” for drinking anything you want to drink.

Heck, my wife will sometimes combine her Shakeology with coffee just to get the boost from the coffee and the goodness of the shake!

What I do like to do is offer healthy shake alternatives.  I am a firm believer in eating or drinking what you like as long as you limit the bad and increase the good.

If your goal is to get healthy then you most definitely have to limit how many sugar coffees you drink or you will never achieve a desired outcome.