It’s Not All About A Meal Replacement Shake

My meal replacement shakeThey Say Results Come From 70% Nutrition and 30% Gym

I’m here to tell you that is as right as right can get!  On my journey I discovered that drinking a meal replacement shake couple with proper nutrition during the day with exercise would move the scale in the right direction.

If I failed at my workout I found it was no big deal other than being the wrong thing to do.  If I failed at my nutrition my weight would be inconsistent and fluctuate mainly higher!

Protein shakes, weight loss shakes or meal replacement shakes all have their place in your nutrition.  Reason being, there is no way you could physically consume the amount of food you would need to eat to match one serving of a Shakeology shake.

When You Put Your Mind To It

After I wrapped my head around the fact that I needed a change my life became a whole lot easier.  However, I must say, had it not been for my wife’s all in attitude it would have made my journey really difficult to say the least.

She was my “nutritionist” not by education but by necessity.  She dove in to food and found out what we needed to eat or drink to help us keep on track and I am fortunate to have her.

She can mix up a weight loss shake as good if not better than anyone I knew.  Granted, most people I knew weren’t working out and eating healthy, huh, imagine that!

Check out my P90X and Shakeology video and let me know what you think:

This was hard work but man did it pay off!  Today I feel great and I am able to enjoy my family as a father should.  Camping, fishing, cub scouts, sports, coaching well you get the picture.

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